A.K.A. The Two Year Old Whisperer
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
By Knoebel Portrait Design
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I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm the "Two Year Old Whisperer" and I have to say, it's an honor.  I know what you are thinking.. two year olds can be scary, fickle, frustrating and their moods change on a dime.  Yes, they are all of this and more, depending on the day of course and it can change a few times during that same day, but I love a good challenge.                                               Speaking of which....

Take my buddy Gavin here.. he's a perfect little two year old..he's adorable.. I mean, look at this guy's eyes!  Little ladies, look out when he's older, he'll rope you in with one big blinky look.  AND, MR. Gavin is the epitome of a two year old with attitude.  I've seen him go through the Jekyll and Hyde routine a few times in the camera room and it's always entertaining.

I first met Mr. Gavin before Christmas, his momma brought him in for our fun holiday event and he was less than thrilled with this idea.  Oh sure, he screamed a while, and if I looked at him sideways, he'd scream some more.  His mom and I giggled a bit when I empathized with her and assured her most two year olds are like mini-terrorists with a non-stop bomb strapped to themselves that could go off at any time.. and multiple times, without warning.  

After a while, we figured out some ways around the little man getting in his own way and I was able to capture some really sweet portraits of him in a cute little vest and blue jeans, simply adorable.  

We always, always, always end on a good note.. everyone gets a sucker and if they are in the mood, we'll hang a bit after the session.  This helps A LOT for the next sessions because they associate me with fun, and of course candy...which was my fake name when I went out with girlfriends years ago.. but that's another story for a different day.

Luckily, for this recent two year old session, he kinda sorta remembered me and although he wasn't sure at first, we pulled out the wooden train and he was all mine (insert maniacal laughing)!  It was just a matter of getting him to play with the train for a few minutes so I could capture some fun images for mom.  

We laughed, we cried, we had tantrums but ultimately having fun won and we have some super cute 2 year old portraits mom will love forever.  

Because Your Moments Matter...  Stacey

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