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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
By Stacey Knoebel
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Well, it's again that time of year when we anticipate the snow and cold, and yet we've totally lucked out this year.  Here it is November 11th, Veteran's Day and it's still very mild outside.  Nonetheless, I have to promote holiday portraits now, even though we haven't hit Thanksgiving, because we need time to get them done and back for the holidays.

This year, on November 21st, 2015 I'll be at Pout In Pink of Woodbury (MN) for a very special Holiday Portrait Event for the kiddos.  Of course mom and dad could hop in if they desire.  Here are some samples and the charity I'll help is tbd as I am waiting on some information to help me finalize that part of it.


Additionally, I am working on having this event set up so that you can have the mini-session, wait just a few minutes while my assistant prepares images, then then hop into a sales appointment where you can view and choose what you want for your home, holiday cards,and gifts for family and friends; a one stop shopping experience.  While you finalize your order, we'll have some crafts and snacks for your kiddos to keep them out of your hair so you can get it done all at once.



Be sure to help us spread the word, as you know, your support of our local, family owned business is what keeps us going so we can serve you with truly professional, unique and creative portraits that capture your family's portrait history forever.


Until next time, have a sunshiney day and check out our fun video at the top!