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Candy Cane Stand Craziness
Friday, November 07, 2014

It's been a while, I'm still not in the swing of regular blog posts but here I am today, ready again.I was wondering what to do for my annual Holiday Portrait Event coming up in a few weeks, rather the FIRST Annual event and I found some cute stuff on Pinterest.  (BTW I LOVE PINTEREST!).    I decided to build a Lemonade Stand that I could repurpose into a Candy Cane Stand, Kissing Booth, Cookie Stand.. the list can go on and on.  Not to mention that my kids will be able to use this fun piece of proppery in the summer for an actual lemonade stand.I visited the website of Ana White, ( and for those of you wanting to be handy with tools, she is amazing to follow.  Ana is a hot little stay at home momma that likes to build.  Sometimes I've seen images of her building in heels which makes me giggle, but all the time she takes a very efficient and simplified approach and then shows exactly what you need to do, in terms you can understand.  Anyone that can empower others who may not know their way around a set of tools is A-OK in my book.  The only issue is that everytime I think of a fun building project, I always underestimate how long it will take, and/or my skill level in creating it.  Ana said 20 minutes, mine took about 3 hours; I had a ...