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Blowing Off Steam
Monday, March 16, 2015

"Blowing Off Steam" Well, from time to time, I remember that I've got this blog, and I'm supposed to be filling it with words of wisdom, fodder for the masses to enjoy, if you will... but to be honest, it's not that easy when there is a to-do list a mile long and I'm wondering what in the world should I write about.. what will folks want to hear about?  SO, to help myself, I made an effort and researched some other photography blogs.  That wasn't the best idea..A lot of them left me wanting more, a Lot more, not great examples I guess.  Maybe it's just me and my unique sense of humor, I want to be entertained.  When I stopped to think about that idea "I want to be entertained", I realized, I entertain folks all the time at the studio, my clients seem to like it, maybe I'm just supposed to be entertaining.  Ok, I can do that..I'm goofy, I have often been told I have a "unique" sense of humor.  Since unique must mean AWESOME, I'm going with it.Evidently, my kids have a touch of my sense of humor as well and so when my youngest was modelling for her "Elsa" sessions this January, she let loose and we had a little fun.  Hopefully, you are entertained.   Picking daisies in a field,Stacey"Do you like my hat?" Sometimes it's just the magic..."Whispers in the Wind"  "Dance of a Queen"