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Celebrating MOM
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As a photographer, I'm passionate about celebrating the special bonds between a mom and her kids.  When I looked back in my baby book, I realized I don't have any portraits of my mom and I, and it makes me sad.  I want to look back at our relationship together when we were both younger, see how young she looked, she her expression of love as she sat near me or how we looked at each other and interacted together.  It wasn't until adulthood, when I became a professional photographer, that I had her into the studio for portraits of us taken by one of my good friends and mentors, Vic Orenstein of KidCaper Art Portraits.  On Saturday, May 2, I'm offering something in honor of Moms and their kids.  From 10-4, by apppointment, you can sign up for a mini-session and make sure your kids, or mom, or both have what I didn't.  A lasting professional keepsake that you can enjoy forever, pass down to your kids, remember the time you are in right now, forever. I'm donating the $100 sesison fee to Children's Cancer Research Fund, and giving you, as a thank you gift, two free 5x7 portraits along with a Facebook timeline.  You'll also be getting a fun goodie bag with discounts and freebies from the studio, Pout In Pink-Woodbury, where the sessions will take place on May 2nd, Wild Child Salon is adding and I'm still working on gathering more treats ...