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Thursday, January 28, 2016
By Stacey Knoebel
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I just had a birthday, not a milestone, but I'm getting up there (44 gasp-jk).  I've been working out with my T25 at home, I like the results, but I found myself reflecting on the things I think about my body, even while working out. I realized, I'm not always very nice to my body or about how I look.  I reflected on the conversations I have with other women, friends, etc. and when I stop to think about it, a lot of us let those little negative jabs at ourselves pop out without even thinking about it.  So when someone comes along to say otherwise, we feel compelled to slap the compliment away.. like "Lana, you look so pretty today" and Lana's reply is "Oh, I just threw myself together this morning, no biggie".  What the heck is that?  How about just say "Thank you"???  You look pretty, damnit!


Many of us are so hard on ourselves about our bodies and how we look as we age.  I am at times.. I don't like the dark circles under my eyes, but I get compliments on my blue eyes all the time.  Where is this disconnect?  Why do we negate our worth?  Oh, don't deny it, you've done it too.  We'll tell you we know that we are beautiful, inside and out, we are proud of our accomplishments, the working out, the healthy eating and then knock ourselves down about our tushy not being the "right" size, or having bigger hips than we want or our chests aren't as "stacked" as we'd like, or the wrinkles, don't get me going on the wrinkles, or "we just threw ourselves together, no biggie".  We see it everywhere in the media, how we are "supposed" to look, but let's face it, it's not the media's fault, it's ours and ours alone.  


If we really stood up for ourselves TO ourselves and everyone else, we'd ignore all that chatter we hear and focus on the positives.  If you want to "re-stack" that chest, or tuck something in that seems to have squished out of place, go for it, that's not my point.  I just think it's time we become resolute in changing our old ways of thinking about ourselves and what we consider pretty, plus set some better boundaries for ourselves and others.  

I'll tell you one thing, my daughter already feels the pressure in school about this stuff and she's only in 4th grade. At our house, if I give her a compliment, her response is simply "thank you" as it should be because I'm going to make darn sure she recognizes her worth.  I want her to know it's important to take care of ourselves, be healthy but her worth is NOT tied to her looks.   


What about you?  Are you with me in being nicer to ourselves and setting some 2016 boundaries on how we'll talk, think and act about ourselves?  I'd love your feedback.


Life's a journey, we will never be "perfect" but the good news is, we don't have to be!

 Here's me, right this moment, no makeup, not sucking it in, in my messy home office as I am about to go get ready for a gig in Mpls.  :)

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